Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

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Mistress Nica wanted to shock this guy and she did it with her boots. She was almost naked as she had him get into position and wait for his punishment. He was teased and denied but that was not all. He was also made to lick rubber boots and to do all other things that the mistress wanted done as punishment and humiliation to the guy for what he had done.

This mistress has a short fuse and today was the turn of her adorable son to experience her wrath. She was pissed at how he had made her day long and unbearable. He was just doing things to piss her off. When she had had enough, she crushed her son's favorite toy and destroyed it completely. She did this as he watched for him to know the consequences of his actions.

Mistress Coco crushed two eggs on the floor and she made her slave lick the mess she had created. She did not care what happened to the loser and he had to do things her way. He first of all licked the mess from the soles of her feet before he licked it from the floor. She watched as he did what she instructed him and since he had done everything the way she had instructed him, she let him go.

This client was rude and he tried to mess up mistress Gaia's things. She told him to go away politely but he did not. The mistress had no choice but to make him leave and she did this by trampling him and also humiliating him. She choked him by headlocking him and she made sure he jerked off and then he fucked her boots without any lube until he came.

Mistress Nica took her slave to the woods and after she had trampled him while he was naked, she was able to get the results she had hoped to get from him. Mistress Nica was sure that pain would work on him and true to what she suspected, the guy was a sissy and he could not handle pain so he did what she asked so as to avoid it.

Madame Marissa used her rubber boots to put her slave in his place after he had disobeyed her. She did not want to allow it to continue as she was sure he would continue doing it and would never change. So she used her dirty rubber boots to torture him. They were muddy and he had to lick them clean or else the punishment would be worse than licking her boots.

Madame Marissa likes slaves who can work on a farm. She had taken her slave to the farm and she was surprised to learn that he had never worked on a farm and that he could not do it. She gave him a few chances but he did not learn as fast as she wanted him to learn. So the mistress had no choice but to use her rubber boots to torture him. She made him lick mud from her soles as punishment and encouragement for him to learn.

Lady B went to her apple farm and she was angered by the fact that her slave had not done what she had instructed him to do. Some of the apples were going bad and she did not like it. She took out her anger on the apples by crushing them and her slave was lucky that he was not around as she would have crushed him instead of those apples.

Lady Karame found out the guy who had been sabotaging her and she could not restrain herself from punishing him. The mistress lured him to her house where she stripped him naked before chaining him. She was left with his balls and she crushed them. It was a lot of pain for him but she did not care. He had to learn his lesson and she made sure he did.

Madame Marissa mixed bananas and milk in her gumboots and then she walked in them. When she was done, she summoned her slave and she made him drink the concoction she had made as she walked on the mixture and blended it with her feet. He was horrified at what she was asking him to do but he did it anyway as he knew the price of disobedience was worse than what she was asking him to do.

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