Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

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Lady Scarlet wanted to make sure that this old slave changed and became well behaved. That is why she had to make sure that he was in a lot of pain. So she crushed him with her boots. She crushed his fingers as well as his head and he cried. He regretted what he had done and he knew that the whole mess was because of him. So he blamed himself for it.

Mistress Lo-Lita wanted to be one of the best when it came to foot fetish and trampling. So she bought a toy plane to teach herself how to do it. The mistress had a great time doing it and she knew that it was just a matter of time before she became a pro at it. Next she bought a different item and tried to crush it before she tried her skills on a loser.

This girl had a problem with her husband because she did not know how to give a blowjob. He loved blowjobs and it was a big issue to them. So she reached out to madame Marissa for help and she helped but not in the way she had hoped. She hoped they would use a dildo for her to learn but instead madame Marissa used her rubber boots to instruct the girl how it was done.

Mistress Tiffany wanted her boots to be licked clean and that is what she ensured her slave did. She did not care what he felt. All she wanted was for her boots to be licked and she did not stop until they were licked and they were as clean as she wanted them to be. When they were clean, she forced the loser to jerk off as she watched and as she pinched his nipples.

Lady B got home in a bad mood. She had gotten some bad news as she was driving home so when she neared home, she stopped her car and she got out and she used her boots to crush anything and everything she saw on the road. She was taking out her anger on those things and it helped her a lot as she was able to calm down soon.

This mistress has a hot ass and that led this guy to spank her. She hated what he had done as she did not know him. She did not want him to go round doing that to everyone and so she punished him for it. It was painful as she hand crushed him with her boots and he felt the pain he had never felt before and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Jenny is not the kind of person to mess with and hope that she will forget about it. She does not forget easily and when she is wronged, she likes to revenge because she believes that getting even is the best policy and not forgiving people. So the mistress today used her rubber boots to trample and torture this guy because of what he had done to her earlier.

Madame Marissa likes slaves who can work on a farm. She had taken her slave to the farm and she was surprised to learn that he had never worked on a farm and that he could not do it. She gave him a few chances but he did not learn as fast as she wanted him to learn. So the mistress had no choice but to use her rubber boots to torture him. She made him lick mud from her soles as punishment and encouragement for him to learn.

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