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Mistress Nica wanted to shock this guy and she did it with her boots. She was almost naked as she had him get into position and wait for his punishment. He was teased and denied but that was not all. He was also made to lick rubber boots and to do all other things that the mistress wanted done as punishment and humiliation to the guy for what he had done.

This mistress wanted to become good in crush fetish and that is why she chose to practice crush fetish a lot. The mistress had a great time crushing toys as they were her items of choice to crush. She liked to use different things to crush them and today she used her rubber boots to do it. By the end of it, she not only crushed and destroyed the toys, but she had fun as well.

Mistress Natalia wanted to get her money back from this loser and she asked him for it but he did not give it to her. He gave her all manner of excuses and she got pissed because that was the same thing he had done every time she had asked for her money. She snapped and she used her rubber boots to torture him. It was so painful that she got her money from him that same day.

Madame Marissa felt that her slave deserved to be put in his place. The mistress did not care what she did as long as she achieved what she had set out to achieve. The mistress used her rubber boots to dominate him. She asked him to lick them and he could not refuse as it was not a request but an order and he had to do as she ordered.

Madame Marissa felt that she needed to dominate this loser to strike fear in him. She wanted to instill fear in him so that he would do all that she asked him without asking any questions. The mistress used her rubber boots to torture this guy and she made him cry and beg her for mercy. That was when she told him what she wanted from him and he had to fulfill it.

Lady B enjoys to smother and crush things just for the sake of it. Today, however, the reason she did it was so that she could take out her anger as well as send a message to a loser. He was not physically present with her so she taped it and sent him the video only showing her feet stomping the inflatable crocodile. The message was that he would undergo what the toy underwent if he pissed her again.

Lady Karame hates people who lack discipline and her slave was one such person. There was no way she was going to let him get away with it because she spent a lot of time and resources with him. So she used her rubber boots to punish him and to teach him a lesson. The poor guy had to endure all that was thrown at him as he had no choice.

Madame Marissa likes slaves who can work on a farm. She had taken her slave to the farm and she was surprised to learn that he had never worked on a farm and that he could not do it. She gave him a few chances but he did not learn as fast as she wanted him to learn. So the mistress had no choice but to use her rubber boots to torture him. She made him lick mud from her soles as punishment and encouragement for him to learn.

Lady Karame had asked her slave to do certain things for her but he did not. She was not happy with what he had done so she punished him. She took him to the river bank and she waded in water and mud before she used her boots to humiliate him. He was humiliated but it was what he needed to learn his lesson and never mess with her again.

Madame Marissa went to the woods in search of excitement. It was not a huge forest so she did not fear for any animals. She, however, met a loser who she teased then dominated. She used her sexy ass to tease him and he became like putty in her hands. She then turned on him and she used her muddy boots to trample and humiliate him for her own enjoyment.

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