Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

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Lady Karame not only used her rubber boots to trample as well as torture this loser, but she also used a bucket of water to torture him. The mistress cruelly inserted his head into the bucket of water and enjoyed how he nearly shit himself in the process. The guy cried when she let him come up for air and he begged her not to torture her again. She did not.

Mistress Tiffany was angered by what she saw from her slave. He took everything for granted and that did not go down well with her. So she resolved to do something about it and the best thing she did was to make her boots muddy and then use them to dominate him. He was forced to lick them until they were clean. She drank coffee as she watched him do what she ordered.

This mistress did not like how mouthy this guy was. She wanted him to learn to shut up but he did not do so. She was forced to punish him and do it in a crazy manner. The mistress felt that she needed to use her boots to enforce that order for him to shut up so she stomped and trampled him with her boots until he learned to shut up.

Mistress Luna had a bitter argument with her husband and in the anger that consumed her, she crushed household items and she took out her anger and frustration on them. She did not want to touch her husband but that did not extend to other items. She created a huge mess and then left it there for someone else to clean. She got in her car and she drove off.

Lady Karame had asked her slave to do certain things for her but he did not. She was not happy with what he had done so she punished him. She took him to the river bank and she waded in water and mud before she used her boots to humiliate him. He was humiliated but it was what he needed to learn his lesson and never mess with her again.

Madame Marissa went to the woods in search of excitement. It was not a huge forest so she did not fear for any animals. She, however, met a loser who she teased then dominated. She used her sexy ass to tease him and he became like putty in her hands. She then turned on him and she used her muddy boots to trample and humiliate him for her own enjoyment.

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