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Lady Karame and her friend wanted to show this guy that it was not in his best interests to piss her off and she made the lesson even more practical for him. He was asked to lick their soles and he did as it was not optional. When he was done licking their dirty soles until they were clean, he was trampled by the mistresses before they were done with him.

Lady Karame wanted to show this loser that he would be on the losing end if he messed up with her. So she took some food and she crushed it with her rubber boots and when she was done, she asked him to eat it both from the floor as well as from the soles of her boots. He had no choice but to do what the mistress asked him.

Lady Karame got this guy to lie in water but he was not submerged. She used her boots to trample him and she told him that if he messed with her again, he would have himself to blame as she would submerge him and dominate him as cruelly as she could. And she would not mind if he drowned. He realized he had fucked up and he changed his ways.

Lady Karame not only used her rubber boots to trample as well as torture this loser, but she also used a bucket of water to torture him. The mistress cruelly inserted his head into the bucket of water and enjoyed how he nearly shit himself in the process. The guy cried when she let him come up for air and he begged her not to torture her again. She did not.

Lady Karame was tired of being disrespected and disobeyed by losers and today she flexed her muscle a bit to gain some respect. She used her rubber boots to trample and crush this guy and she made it a very painful affair for him. He regretted what he had done as he was humiliated by being punished while naked. After the punishment, he never wished to make the same mistake again.

Lady Karame wanted to teach this Santa a lesson. She felt he was not well versed with what he was supposed to be doing and that is why she chose such a cruel lesson. The mistress made him lick her boots after she was done kicking him and she finally whipped his naked butt for good measure. He never pissed her off again as he changed to do things her way.

Lady Karame wanted to instill discipline in her slave so she turned to her rubber boots to do it. The mistress got the rubber boots licked clean and she did not care what the loser went through to get them clean. She watched as he struggled to lick them as clean as she wanted them and she told him it was up to him if he was made to do that again.

Lady Karame wanted to punish her slave with her rubber boots. She wanted to make sure that her slave did not repeat his mistake and that he became a changed person. So she went to the lake and she waded in mud before she got back home with the muddy boots. When she got home, she made the slave lick her boots until they were as clean as she wanted them to be.

Lady Karame and her friend loved how forgetful this loser was because it always provided them with a reason to humiliate or have fun at his expense. Today they wanted to try rubber boots fetish and they knew he would forget something. So they set him up and they dominated him for their own fun using their rubber boots. He did not even try to protest as he knew he was guilty of what they accused him of.

Lady Karame could tell that this loser had never been as tortured and humiliated the way she did it to him today. He felt like crying when she used her rubber boots to humiliate him. The look on his face made her want to laugh out loud and she actually did. The mistress laughed at the loser but that did not make her stop doing what she was doing to him.

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