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Madame Marissa did not need a reason to torture this guy. She wanted to do it and for her, that was enough. He was shocked by what the mistress did to him but she was not sorry about it. She loved what she did to him and how he was tortured. He tried his best to get her to stop punishing him but she did not as it was fun for her.

Madame Marissa was not going to let this guy go without being dominated a little bit. That is because he was the perfect candidate for it. The mistress wanted to make sure that she tried some new stuff on him and that is why she stopped the car and she had him lick the soles of her boots. He was also trampled a little bit before the mistress felt it was enough.

Madame Marissa wanted this slave to get a warning that she would not be lenient with him and that if he angered her again, he would have himself to blame as she would not be as lenient as she had been that day. She only humiliated him with stinky socks as well as her rubber boots. But she was prepared to do worse than she had done to him that day.

This girl had a problem with her husband because she did not know how to give a blowjob. He loved blowjobs and it was a big issue to them. So she reached out to madame Marissa for help and she helped but not in the way she had hoped. She hoped they would use a dildo for her to learn but instead madame Marissa used her rubber boots to instruct the girl how it was done.

Madame Marissa had dirty rubber boots and she wanted them to be licked. This loser did not expect her to ask him to lick them but that is exactly what she did. He had no choice but to do as the mistress had ordered. The mistress enjoyed humiliating her slave with the dirty boots and she made sure that the slave licked them as clean as she wanted them to be.

Madame Marissa wanted to be understood by her slave and so she did something he had never expected her to do. She crushed him and trampled him with her rubber boots and it was more painful than anything he had ever experienced. He cried as she did so but at the end of the day he understood her and he made every effort to understand her when it appeared that he did not.

Madame Marissa came home with muddy rubber boots and she wanted them cleaned. So she asked her slave to do it but he refused. She was so pissed at his refusal that she made him lick them. The poor guy was shocked and he regretted why he had refused as he would have easily done it with water and soap. But now he had to lick them until they were clean.

Madame Marissa wanted to dominate this loser and that is what she did using her rubber boots. She wore them and she let her feet sweat in them before she used the same feet and the same rubber boots to torture and to degrade. By the time she was done dominating the loser, it turned out that the loser had learned a lesson he had never learned before in his life.

Madame Marissa did not have much to do today and she had to keep herself busy. That is how she got to try something she had never tried before. The mistress boiled some potatoes and she used her bare feet to crush them for fun. The mistress enjoyed it and knew that she would do it again and again given the chance. She also wanted to give a loser to eat what she had crushed with her feet so that it did not go to waste.

Madame Marissa did not even need to bring out her big guns in order to tame her slave. She just used her rubber boots to do it and it worked. The mistress forced him to lick and to smell her boots. He was shocked at what happened to him as he did not expect her to degrade him with dirty rubber boots. But he was also scared and he did it.

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