Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

All articles tagged with "Boot Mistress"

Lady Victoria was out to dominate this guy and she did that with her rubber boots. The mistress used her boots to trample him and before she was done with him, she also choked him. As he struggled to breathe, she laughed at him and went on doing it. She only stopped when he peed himself because she knew he had gotten to a point where he had to change.

This girl had a problem with her husband because she did not know how to give a blowjob. He loved blowjobs and it was a big issue to them. So she reached out to madame Marissa for help and she helped but not in the way she had hoped. She hoped they would use a dildo for her to learn but instead madame Marissa used her rubber boots to instruct the girl how it was done.

Lady B does not like badly behaved kids. She does not tolerate them at all. And when she came across one today, she took his toys and she crushed them to teach him a lesson. He had to know what it meant to piss her off. And the kid was shocked at what he saw her do and he learned that he had messed up a great deal. He begged her for mercy but she had already crushed and destroyed his toys.

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