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This mistress wanted to become good in crush fetish and that is why she chose to practice crush fetish a lot. The mistress had a great time crushing toys as they were her items of choice to crush. She liked to use different things to crush them and today she used her rubber boots to do it. By the end of it, she not only crushed and destroyed the toys, but she had fun as well.

Lady Shay is the sort of person who likes to punish anyone who messes with her regardless of their status. As long as she is able to do it, she will do it. And that is why she chose to use her rubber boots to punish her boss. He had been giving her a rough time to make him sleep with her but she was not about to do it. Instead of doing so, she punished him.

Lady Karame and her friend loved how forgetful this loser was because it always provided them with a reason to humiliate or have fun at his expense. Today they wanted to try rubber boots fetish and they knew he would forget something. So they set him up and they dominated him for their own fun using their rubber boots. He did not even try to protest as he knew he was guilty of what they accused him of.

Lady Karame could tell that this loser had never been as tortured and humiliated the way she did it to him today. He felt like crying when she used her rubber boots to humiliate him. The look on his face made her want to laugh out loud and she actually did. The mistress laughed at the loser but that did not make her stop doing what she was doing to him.

Lady B did not have anyone to crush today so she chose to instead crush balloons. It was still crushing and she knew she would have fun by the end of the day. So she took some balloons and she inflated them before she enjoyed crushing them for fun. She tried to do it as delicately as possible so that the process would last a little longer. And she even tried to imagine that she was doing it to a loser.

Lady Shay learned that this guy had done what she had warned him about. She was so mad at him that she chose to make sure it would never happen again. The mistress did this using her rubber boots. The mistress used them to trample and to degrade him by making him lick the soles. He also had to lick her bare feet before she felt it was enough punishment.

Mistress Coco did not want this loser to take her for granted so she dominated him as cruelly as she could. And she used her rubber boots to do it. He was humiliated as she did so as he had never had such a thing done to him before. He had to lick her soles until they were as clean as she wanted. He never made a mistake again as he knew what she was capable of.

Mistress Christin is someone who does not tolerate nonsense. She also does not give a fuck about anything. That is why she did not care what this kid would do or what his parents would say as she crushed his toys. She had crushed them because he was unruly and not well behaved. She did it as he watched to send a message to him that his behavior would not be tolerated.

Madame Marissa felt that her slave deserved to be put in his place. The mistress did not care what she did as long as she achieved what she had set out to achieve. The mistress used her rubber boots to dominate him. She asked him to lick them and he could not refuse as it was not a request but an order and he had to do as she ordered.

Madame Marissa felt that she needed to dominate this loser to strike fear in him. She wanted to instill fear in him so that he would do all that she asked him without asking any questions. The mistress used her rubber boots to torture this guy and she made him cry and beg her for mercy. That was when she told him what she wanted from him and he had to fulfill it.

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