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Mistress Tiffany did not like how this slave had tried to mess with her. She had to teach him a lesson that he would not forget for a long time to come. And that is why she wore her rubber boots and she waded in the mud. She then went to her house and she used them to trample him and also made him lick them. He knew never to piss her off again.

Madame Marissa came home with muddy rubber boots and she wanted them cleaned. So she asked her slave to do it but he refused. She was so pissed at his refusal that she made him lick them. The poor guy was shocked and he regretted why he had refused as he would have easily done it with water and soap. But now he had to lick them until they were clean.

Mistress Coco does not like it when anyone pisses her off. She is not one to be pissed and to keep quiet so she crushed this loser for doing that. And she used her rubber boots to do it. They were dirty and he had to lick the soles first before she trampled him. That way, he was both humiliated as well as dominated. And that punishment worked as he learned a lesson.

Mistress Nica had tried to deal with her slave in a soft and easy manner but he did not respond the way she had hoped he would. He was the sort of person who needed a strong and tough mistress so she gave him that. She used her muddy rubber boots to trample and humiliate him while he was naked. He had to lick them clean and that sent a message of who she was. He behaved accordingly.

Lady Betty was pissed at her slave and she told him that she was going to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. She took him to the stream and she had hi lick her muddy boots. She warned him that she would crush his nuts if he did not change. The ball was on his court and it was him to determine what was going to happen.

Lady B was expecting her slave to pack certain things for her but he did not. When she got to the woods for her picnic, she was pissed and she was angry. She took out her anger on the bag he had packed as it did not have all the things she needed. The slave was lucky that he was not anywhere near as she would have punished him cruelly.

Lady Karame wanted to punish her slave with her rubber boots. She wanted to make sure that her slave did not repeat his mistake and that he became a changed person. So she went to the lake and she waded in mud before she got back home with the muddy boots. When she got home, she made the slave lick her boots until they were as clean as she wanted them to be.

This mistress wanted to become good in crush fetish and that is why she chose to practice crush fetish a lot. The mistress had a great time crushing toys as they were her items of choice to crush. She liked to use different things to crush them and today she used her rubber boots to do it. By the end of it, she not only crushed and destroyed the toys, but she had fun as well.

Mistress Mira likes to do crazy things and today was no exception. She chose to crush various items with her rubber boots. She did this in her closet and she destroyed a plastic chest and other items she felt like she did not need. It was out of boredom and she managed to pass time as she crushed and destroyed the stuff. And that is how she got hooked on crush fetish.

This mistress has a hot ass and that led this guy to spank her. She hated what he had done as she did not know him. She did not want him to go round doing that to everyone and so she punished him for it. It was painful as she hand crushed him with her boots and he felt the pain he had never felt before and he learned his lesson.