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Lady Karame could tell that this loser had never been as tortured and humiliated the way she did it to him today. He felt like crying when she used her rubber boots to humiliate him. The look on his face made her want to laugh out loud and she actually did. The mistress laughed at the loser but that did not make her stop doing what she was doing to him.

Lady B did not have anyone to crush today so she chose to instead crush balloons. It was still crushing and she knew she would have fun by the end of the day. So she took some balloons and she inflated them before she enjoyed crushing them for fun. She tried to do it as delicately as possible so that the process would last a little longer. And she even tried to imagine that she was doing it to a loser.

This mistress did not like how mouthy this guy was. She wanted him to learn to shut up but he did not do so. She was forced to punish him and do it in a crazy manner. The mistress felt that she needed to use her boots to enforce that order for him to shut up so she stomped and trampled him with her boots until he learned to shut up.

Lady Shay learned that this guy had done what she had warned him about. She was so mad at him that she chose to make sure it would never happen again. The mistress did this using her rubber boots. The mistress used them to trample and to degrade him by making him lick the soles. He also had to lick her bare feet before she felt it was enough punishment.

Mistress Coco did not want this loser to take her for granted so she dominated him as cruelly as she could. And she used her rubber boots to do it. He was humiliated as she did so as he had never had such a thing done to him before. He had to lick her soles until they were as clean as she wanted. He never made a mistake again as he knew what she was capable of.

Lady B had a new slave and she wanted to scare him without inflicting any pain on him. So the mistress chose to crush some food instead and she did it with her rubber boots. She did it furiously and she told the slave that if he ever messed with her, she would crush his balls the way she had crushed the food. He got scared and never wanted to piss her off.

Lady Karame was not happy with how this old guy did things. He had to be tamed and she did it with her rubber boots. The mistress forced the guy to lick her boots while he was naked. She had to have him naked because she warned him that if he did not lick them well, she would crush his nuts and trample his dick. He got scared and did what she asked.

This mistress loves to crush toy cars. Unlike many other mistresses, she does not crush a variety of things. Instead, she crushes only toy cars. And that is what she did today. The mistress enjoyed crushing them today because she was bored and she knew she would have fun if she did it. She wore her rubber boots and she used to create a mess which she left for her maid to take care of.

Madame Marissa used her rubber boots to put her slave in his place after he had disobeyed her. She did not want to allow it to continue as she was sure he would continue doing it and would never change. So she used her dirty rubber boots to torture him. They were muddy and he had to lick them clean or else the punishment would be worse than licking her boots.

Mistress Luna loves rubber boots because they are comfortable and they do not make noise. In addition to that, the mistress loves them because she has a crush fetish and with them, she is able to crush almost anything she wants and not have to worry about getting her feet dirty in the process. Today she crushed some vegetables and all she had to worry about was how messy she could make it.

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