Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

Lady Karame was not happy with how this old guy did things. He had to be tamed and she did it with her rubber boots. The mistress forced the guy to lick her boots while he was naked. She had to have him naked because she warned him that if he did not lick them well, she would crush his nuts and trample his dick. He got scared and did what she asked.

This mistress loves to crush toy cars. Unlike many other mistresses, she does not crush a variety of things. Instead, she crushes only toy cars. And that is what she did today. The mistress enjoyed crushing them today because she was bored and she knew she would have fun if she did it. She wore her rubber boots and she used to create a mess which she left for her maid to take care of.

Madame Marissa felt that her slave deserved to be put in his place. The mistress did not care what she did as long as she achieved what she had set out to achieve. The mistress used her rubber boots to dominate him. She asked him to lick them and he could not refuse as it was not a request but an order and he had to do as she ordered.

Mistress Christin loves to crush things but she had never crushed with her rubber boots before. She did not know what to expect but she was eager to find out so she wore her boots and she used them to crush these toy excavators. It was a lot of fun as it was a new experience and she found herself doing it over and over again. She had found a new way to have fun with crush fetish.

Mistress Luna hates watermelon. She does not understand why people like it and eat it. She was taking a walk when she came across one and since there was no one nearby to claim it, she crushed it with her rubber boots. She did it for fun and she felt satisfied with what she did as she hated it and did not want to leave it intact. When she was done, she went on with her walk as if nothing had happened.

Madame Marissa used her rubber boots to put her slave in his place after he had disobeyed her. She did not want to allow it to continue as she was sure he would continue doing it and would never change. So she used her dirty rubber boots to torture him. They were muddy and he had to lick them clean or else the punishment would be worse than licking her boots.

Mistress Christin and Lady B were taking a walk and they were wearing rubber boots. Their aim was to make messes everywhere they went as it had rained and it was muddy. In addition, they wanted to crush anything they could manage to crush as they took a walk because they have a fetish for crushing things. It was a lot of fun for them and the mistresses did not notice how time flew.

Lady Karame likes obedient slaves and when she noticed this slave was disobedient, she had to punish him and she made it a painful thing. The mistress had asked him to lick her rubber boots but he had refused. So she forced him to lick her boots but this was after she had whipped his naked butt to show him that she would not allow and she would not tolerate any disobedience.

Mistress Luna loves rubber boots because they are comfortable and they do not make noise. In addition to that, the mistress loves them because she has a crush fetish and with them, she is able to crush almost anything she wants and not have to worry about getting her feet dirty in the process. Today she crushed some vegetables and all she had to worry about was how messy she could make it.

Madame Marissa took some milk and she poured it into her boots. She then walked with the boots and stepped on the milk. She had dirty feet as she did so and when she felt she had walked enough, she went back to the house and she asked her slave to drink the milk. He was surprised but he knew he did not have a choice but to do as ordered.

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