Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

Mistress Jessica wanted this guy to learn a lesson that she had never taught him before and that is why she chose to use her rubber boots to do it. The mistress used them to trample him all over and she laughed at him as he cried and tried to distract her so that she would forget that she was humiliating him and punishing him. She did it while he was naked.

Madame Marissa did not have much to do today and she had to keep herself busy. That is how she got to try something she had never tried before. The mistress boiled some potatoes and she used her bare feet to crush them for fun. The mistress enjoyed it and knew that she would do it again and again given the chance. She also wanted to give a loser to eat what she had crushed with her feet so that it did not go to waste.

Mistress Christin wanted to crush this expensive chandelier because her boyfriend had made her angry. It was his chandelier and he was fond of it and she knew that if she did something to it, he would notice and he would be shocked and pissed. Basically, she would hit him where it hurt. And that is what she did as she trampled it and she destroyed it completely and left it there for him to find.

Lady Karame and her friend loved how forgetful this loser was because it always provided them with a reason to humiliate or have fun at his expense. Today they wanted to try rubber boots fetish and they knew he would forget something. So they set him up and they dominated him for their own fun using their rubber boots. He did not even try to protest as he knew he was guilty of what they accused him of.

Mistress Gaia wanted this guy to be put in his place but as time went by, she realized that she was the only one who could do so. Today the mistress chose to use her rubber boots to do so and she used them to both trample him as well as to have him lick her boots. He licked them after she had used the boots to jerk him off.

Mistress Natalia wanted to get her money back from this loser and she asked him for it but he did not give it to her. He gave her all manner of excuses and she got pissed because that was the same thing he had done every time she had asked for her money. She snapped and she used her rubber boots to torture him. It was so painful that she got her money from him that same day.

Mistress Tiffany went to the woods in order to get her boots muddy. The mistress knew that if she went back to the house with muddy boots, her slave would be scared and do things her way. The mistress did not want to use them but she left the final decision with the slave. If he messed with her, she would use them but if he did not, she would not use them.

Mistress Nica wanted to send a message to this guy. She felt that he needed to be shown what would happen to him if he did not change his ways. The mistress crushed some eggs with her rubber boots and she warned him that he would be next if he did not change his ways and do things the way she wanted. The mistress could see that the message was home.

Lady Mary was tired of this guy exposing himself to people. The mistress felt that it was indecent exposure and she did not want him to do it again. So the mistress lured him to her house where she peed on him and she also whipped him before she kicked and trampled him using her boots. That was when he learned his lesson in a way he had never learned before.

Contessa Claudia wanted to enjoy herself and get her slave punished at the same time so that is what she did today. The mistress forced this loser to lick her boots after she had spat on them and after she had walked on a dusty road using them. He was humiliated and wanted to refuse but she held a dildo and told him it would end up in his butt if he did not lick her rubber boots. He licked them.