Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

Madame Marissa had dirty rubber boots and she wanted them to be licked. This loser did not expect her to ask him to lick them but that is exactly what she did. He had no choice but to do as the mistress had ordered. The mistress enjoyed humiliating her slave with the dirty boots and she made sure that the slave licked them as clean as she wanted them to be.

This mistress has a short fuse and today was the turn of her adorable son to experience her wrath. She was pissed at how he had made her day long and unbearable. He was just doing things to piss her off. When she had had enough, she crushed her son's favorite toy and destroyed it completely. She did this as he watched for him to know the consequences of his actions.

Mistress Lea is a city girl and she has never worn hunter boots before. But she had traveled to the countryside and she saw the need for them. She bought a pair and she was shocked at how comfortable they were besides the obvious fact that they made it easy for her to stay clean. And being a sadistic mistress, she could use them to dominate anyone who pissed her off.

Mistress Nica had dirty rubber boots and she used them to punish her slave. She had him lick the boots but this was while she was caning him. He was naked and that made the canes even more painful but she did not care. It was more incentive for him to do the right thing like she expected him to do. He never messed again as he knew what would happen.

Lady Karame was tired of being disrespected and disobeyed by losers and today she flexed her muscle a bit to gain some respect. She used her rubber boots to trample and crush this guy and she made it a very painful affair for him. He regretted what he had done as he was humiliated by being punished while naked. After the punishment, he never wished to make the same mistake again.

Madame Marissa wanted to be understood by her slave and so she did something he had never expected her to do. She crushed him and trampled him with her rubber boots and it was more painful than anything he had ever experienced. He cried as she did so but at the end of the day he understood her and he made every effort to understand her when it appeared that he did not.

Mistress Tiffany was angered by what she saw from her slave. He took everything for granted and that did not go down well with her. So she resolved to do something about it and the best thing she did was to make her boots muddy and then use them to dominate him. He was forced to lick them until they were clean. She drank coffee as she watched him do what she ordered.

This mistress wanted to try crush fetish and she did it by crushing walnuts with her rubber boots. The mistress enjoyed how she was able to crush them easier than she had anticipated it to be. And within a short period of time, she had managed to have a lot of time and that changed her view of crush fetish and it became a thing for her up to date.

Goddess Nika wanted to scare her slave and she settled on her boots to do it. So she wore then and she went to where her slave was and she asked him to do what she wanted. He was shocked when she asked him to lick her boots but he knew he did not have a choice so he did it in order to avoid a harsher punishment from her.

Mistress Mira wanted to test her rubber boots so she crushed a lot of things using the boots. She tried them on bulbs and as she crushed them, she felt as if she could crush anything without hurting herself. She created a mess and she did not care as her slave would clean up after her when she was done with her crushing. She just walked away and he did his thing.

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