Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

This mistress wanted to try crush fetish and she did it by crushing walnuts with her rubber boots. The mistress enjoyed how she was able to crush them easier than she had anticipated it to be. And within a short period of time, she had managed to have a lot of time and that changed her view of crush fetish and it became a thing for her up to date.

Goddess Nika wanted to scare her slave and she settled on her boots to do it. So she wore then and she went to where her slave was and she asked him to do what she wanted. He was shocked when she asked him to lick her boots but he knew he did not have a choice so he did it in order to avoid a harsher punishment from her.

Mistress Mira wanted to test her rubber boots so she crushed a lot of things using the boots. She tried them on bulbs and as she crushed them, she felt as if she could crush anything without hurting herself. She created a mess and she did not care as her slave would clean up after her when she was done with her crushing. She just walked away and he did his thing.

Lady Demona wanted her dirty rubber boots licked and her slave had the balls to tell her no. She laughed and then asked him to follow her. He did and she told him she would not repeat herself. And from the tone of her voice, he knew he had to do what she wanted. And he had to lick the rubber boots until they were as clean as she wanted them.

Lady Scarlet did not want her slave to forget that he was under her instructions and directions. He behaved as if he could do anything he wanted and do it however he wanted. So she sent him a message that he had to do things her way by trampling him with her rubber boots. The slave was shocked and in pain but he got the wake up call he needed.

Lady Karame wanted to teach this Santa a lesson. She felt he was not well versed with what he was supposed to be doing and that is why she chose such a cruel lesson. The mistress made him lick her boots after she was done kicking him and she finally whipped his naked butt for good measure. He never pissed her off again as he changed to do things her way.

Mistress Tiffany wanted her boots to be licked clean and that is what she ensured her slave did. She did not care what he felt. All she wanted was for her boots to be licked and she did not stop until they were licked and they were as clean as she wanted them to be. When they were clean, she forced the loser to jerk off as she watched and as she pinched his nipples.

Mistress Coco crushed two eggs on the floor and she made her slave lick the mess she had created. She did not care what happened to the loser and he had to do things her way. He first of all licked the mess from the soles of her feet before he licked it from the floor. She watched as he did what she instructed him and since he had done everything the way she had instructed him, she let him go.

This client was rude and he tried to mess up mistress Gaia's things. She told him to go away politely but he did not. The mistress had no choice but to make him leave and she did this by trampling him and also humiliating him. She choked him by headlocking him and she made sure he jerked off and then he fucked her boots without any lube until he came.

Mistress Nica took her slave to the woods and after she had trampled him while he was naked, she was able to get the results she had hoped to get from him. Mistress Nica was sure that pain would work on him and true to what she suspected, the guy was a sissy and he could not handle pain so he did what she asked so as to avoid it.