Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

Lady B does not like badly behaved kids. She does not tolerate them at all. And when she came across one today, she took his toys and she crushed them to teach him a lesson. He had to know what it meant to piss her off. And the kid was shocked at what he saw her do and he learned that he had messed up a great deal. He begged her for mercy but she had already crushed and destroyed his toys.

Lady Karame warned her slave that he risked being in her bad books and she would not hesitate to torture him if he did not toe the line. She used her rubber boots to threaten him. She warned him that if he did not heed her message, she would make him lick the soles and then smother his balls using the same boots. The guy got scared and obeyed her.

Madame Marissa felt that she needed to dominate this loser to strike fear in him. She wanted to instill fear in him so that he would do all that she asked him without asking any questions. The mistress used her rubber boots to torture this guy and she made him cry and beg her for mercy. That was when she told him what she wanted from him and he had to fulfill it.

Lady B enjoys to smother and crush things just for the sake of it. Today, however, the reason she did it was so that she could take out her anger as well as send a message to a loser. He was not physically present with her so she taped it and sent him the video only showing her feet stomping the inflatable crocodile. The message was that he would undergo what the toy underwent if he pissed her again.

Lady Karame hates people who lack discipline and her slave was one such person. There was no way she was going to let him get away with it because she spent a lot of time and resources with him. So she used her rubber boots to punish him and to teach him a lesson. The poor guy had to endure all that was thrown at him as he had no choice.

Madame Marissa likes slaves who can work on a farm. She had taken her slave to the farm and she was surprised to learn that he had never worked on a farm and that he could not do it. She gave him a few chances but he did not learn as fast as she wanted him to learn. So the mistress had no choice but to use her rubber boots to torture him. She made him lick mud from her soles as punishment and encouragement for him to learn.

Lady B went to her apple farm and she was angered by the fact that her slave had not done what she had instructed him to do. Some of the apples were going bad and she did not like it. She took out her anger on the apples by crushing them and her slave was lucky that he was not around as she would have crushed him instead of those apples.

Lady Karame found out the guy who had been sabotaging her and she could not restrain herself from punishing him. The mistress lured him to her house where she stripped him naked before chaining him. She was left with his balls and she crushed them. It was a lot of pain for him but she did not care. He had to learn his lesson and she made sure he did.

Madame Marissa mixed bananas and milk in her gumboots and then she walked in them. When she was done, she summoned her slave and she made him drink the concoction she had made as she walked on the mixture and blended it with her feet. He was horrified at what she was asking him to do but he did it anyway as he knew the price of disobedience was worse than what she was asking him to do.

Mistress Christin was in a bad mood from the time she came from work and she had to do something to feel better. She knew that if she did not do something to make her feel better, she would take out her anger on someone innocent. So the mistress took out some toys and wore her rubber boots before she crushed and destroyed the toys in mud. She felt better after that.

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