Rubber Boots Fetish

Showing off sexy rubber boots, wellies and waders

Madame Marissa did not even need to bring out her big guns in order to tame her slave. She just used her rubber boots to do it and it worked. The mistress forced him to lick and to smell her boots. He was shocked at what happened to him as he did not expect her to degrade him with dirty rubber boots. But he was also scared and he did it.

Mistress Christin and her friend lady B wanted to teach this kid that it was not ok to be rude. He was a rude and nasty little kid and they did not want to deal with him anymore. So the mistress used her rubber boots to crush his toys and to make him regret what he had done to them. He wished that he had not done it but it was too late.

Lady Karame could tell that this loser had never been as tortured and humiliated the way she did it to him today. He felt like crying when she used her rubber boots to humiliate him. The look on his face made her want to laugh out loud and she actually did. The mistress laughed at the loser but that did not make her stop doing what she was doing to him.

Mistress Jenny is not the kind of person to mess with and hope that she will forget about it. She does not forget easily and when she is wronged, she likes to revenge because she believes that getting even is the best policy and not forgiving people. So the mistress today used her rubber boots to trample and torture this guy because of what he had done to her earlier.

Mistress Gaia wanted to revenge because she felt that if she did not, this guy would take advantage of her and do what he had done again. So she changed tact and she used her rubber boots to torture him. The mistress used them to trample him and she also had him lick them until they were as clean as she wanted them to be. He cried but she did not care.

Lady B did not have anyone to crush today so she chose to instead crush balloons. It was still crushing and she knew she would have fun by the end of the day. So she took some balloons and she inflated them before she enjoyed crushing them for fun. She tried to do it as delicately as possible so that the process would last a little longer. And she even tried to imagine that she was doing it to a loser.

This mistress did not like how mouthy this guy was. She wanted him to learn to shut up but he did not do so. She was forced to punish him and do it in a crazy manner. The mistress felt that she needed to use her boots to enforce that order for him to shut up so she stomped and trampled him with her boots until he learned to shut up.

Lady Karame did not like how perverted her slave was. He had started showing those tendencies and she was not going to let him continue behaving like that in her house. Today she shocked him as she out of nowhere kicked and trampled him as cruelly as she could. The mistress made sure that he felt a lot of pain and that is why she did it with her boots.

Mistress Luna had a bitter argument with her husband and in the anger that consumed her, she crushed household items and she took out her anger and frustration on them. She did not want to touch her husband but that did not extend to other items. She created a huge mess and then left it there for someone else to clean. She got in her car and she drove off.

Mistress Nica was bored at home and she had nothing better to do. She had to find a way to make sure she had a great time. And that entailed doing anything that came to her mind. So the mistress wore her rubber boots and she used them to wade in mud. It was a lot of fun as she tried her best to splash but not get herself dirty.